SC OPTIMATIC SOLUTIONS SRL is registered at the Prahova Trade Register Office with nr. J29/1844/ 29.08.2005, CUI 17907250. It was established in 2005 and the main business activity is ENGINEERING AND RELATED TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY, CAEN code 7112.

The company activity is specialized in design / engineering / consulting in process, electrical, instrument, piping, PSI, environment, oil depots, loading-unloading stations, car wash stations, study site industrial investment.

Click here for the Manual of Integrated Management (Manualul Managementului Integrat).

S.C. OPTIMATIC SOLUTIONS SRL certificates and authorizations:

  • VOC Inspection Authority acc. MEF Order 553/2008;
  • SR EN ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2008 certificate;
  • SR EN ISO 14001:2005/ISO 14001:2004 certificate;
  • SR OHSAS ISO 18001:2008/OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate;
  • ISCIR Authorization: RADTE - responsible for advising on technical documents and monitoring of technical verification of pressure recipients no. PL/CR4/E/17,18/0117/0/26.07.2010, PL/CR4/E/4,5/0115/0/26.07.2010, PL/CR4/E/13/0116/0/26.07.2010, PL/CR4/E/19/0118/0/26.07.2010
  • INSEMEX Certificate no. GANEx.Q.2009.(24)12.0750 for process, instrument, electrical and piping design activity;
  • Authorization for carrying out installation design for signaling, alarm and alert systems in case of fire, ISU certificate nr. 1777 / August 4, 2009
  • Authorization for carrying out installation design for fire limitation and extinguishing, ISU certificate nr. 1776 / September 9, 2009

Founding members and most of the SC OPTIMATIC SOLUTIONS SRL employees or collaborators are highly qualified specialists (engineers, PhD) with international experience in design / engineering / consulting. Some of them are certified to check projects MEC, MEC experts, ANRE checkers, authorized ISCIR specialists - RADTI (responsible for advising on technical installation documentation), RADTP (responsible for advising on preliminary documentation for mounting / repairing), RADTA (responsible for advising on instrument technical documentation), Experts for Prevention and Mitigation of Technological Risks (COR 214949) and have graduate courses/training in oil and gas industry.

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